Monday, June 14, 2010

For The Wife: Marriage Tips

01. Don't stop dating
Marriage can be boring. The monotony of daily life can slowly begin to take its toll. One of the best ways to ensure your relationship remains fresh is to keep dating. Go to a restaurant for dinner, go to the movies, stay one night in a hotel - just get out and have fun. Remember how great it was when you first started dating? There's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't feel the same way as a married couple,

02. Compliments
We all like to, and sometimes need, to receive a compliment. Couples tend to ease off complimenting one another when they get married because they assume it's no longer necessary. But even married people like to feel good about themselves and a compliment is the best way to help them do so.

03. Welcome him home
Welcoming your spouse home from work, or wherever he has been, may seem like an unimportant act but it actually has real meaning. We all want to feel wanted. So when your spouse is visibly pleased to see you, it makes you feel great. Give him a kiss and a cuddle. Ask how his day was. Tell him how much you missed him. *Remember, intimacy and good communication are the cornerstones of a long, happy marriage.

04. Priceless Cuddles
The importance of cuddling cannot be overstated in a marriage. Intimacy is crucial to a successful marriage and cuddles are the best non-sexual method of achieving it. A long hug can powerfully convey your love and feelings for your partner. It can provide levels of support and reassurance that sometimes words cannot.

05. Focus on his good points
We all have our good points and bad points. Your husband will certainly be no different. There will be things about him that have you pulling your hair out. But there will also be aspects of his character that you love. It's very easy in married life to become focused on your husband's less appealing traits and almost forget about all the great qualities that made you want to marry him in the first place. So be fair - don't treat him like he's nothing more than a giant pain in the backside. Remember, nobody is perfect... and that includes you.

06. Start the day with a kiss
Too many couples have no physical contact in the mornings before they each go their separate ways for the day. Bodily contact is an essential part of any marriage. So before you leave the house in the morning, share a little kiss. It doesn't need to be a long, passionate snog but it should be more than a quick peck on the cheek. It's kiss to say "I love you" so put some feeling into it. Not only, is it pleasurable but it helps reaffirm your unity every morning of the week.

07. Reassurance
Doubts and insecurities can creep into your mind at any given time. Nobody is immune from these negative thoughts, and that includes your husband. Sometimes we need to be told, "everything is going to be alright" and who better to tell you than your partner. Reassurance from the one you love can feel like a warm blanket being wrapped around your shoulders on a cold day. It provides a feeling of safety and security and immediately sets to work expelling those negative thoughts from your head.

08. You're a team
A marriage is a partnership. A man and a woman coming together to form one entity, one team.
Your life becomes entwined with that of your spouse and therefore so do your feelings and ultimately your level of happiness. Although it's important to retain some sense of independence, you must work together in all aspects of life.

09. Praise Him
You may think your husband is a strong, unflinching brute but even the toughest of men need to feel valued. Sometimes they yearn to be told, "well done" or "you made a great job of that." In many cases, the praise from his wife is the only praise a husband ever receives. So make your man feel great with a few well chosen words of praise. *Remember, if you have a happy husband, you're half way to a happy marriage.

10. Say Thank You
One of the most common complaints amongst married couples is being taken for granted by their partner. It's all too easy to dispense with gratitude when you've been married for a while.
However, this can eventually lead to real problems. Feelings of being undervalued breed resentment and sometimes the desire to seek attention elsewhere. So remember to say thank you when he makes you a cup of tea or takes out the blue. Also, if you make him feel appreciated, he's more likely to do things for you again.

11. Put annoying habits into perspective. He bites his nails? These will be the same habits you’ll miss when he is gone, so accept them and forget it.

Above all, wake up each morning and remember how lucky you are to have a loving partner to share your life with. And every night, let him know that you still feel that way before going to sleep. It’s a wonderful way to end their day!