Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Wanna Be Loved By You

What we did for Valentine's Day 2011
Sunday, after church.

My husband writes the sweetest things.

He got me the
Golden Girls: 25th Anniversary Complete Collection!!!!
I'm a very happy girl:)

He also got me 2 cards, which he always does when it's a special occasion.
One is a silly card, just for giggles and the other is a romantic, beautiful card that
always brings me to tears.

I adore the Sophia Petrillo DVD purse case. I am complete, now. :)

For the hubbs, I got him the Simpsons World - The Ultimate Episode Guide: Seasons 1-20 Book

Can you tell that we are both geeks?! :)

I know God loves me, because he gave me David. I believe that everything we went through to be together, made us stronger and better people for each other because of it. My soul has found its mate and I'm grateful the Lord has blessed me with a patient, kind man with an incredible sense of humor, who is strong enough to endure me even on my worst days and still love me.

David continues to make my heart grow with love and one day, it might just explode. All those years of waiting to be with him were worth it because I was waiting for my husband. I love you, David. Thanks for being my best friend, my everything.

Happy Valentine's Day!