Thursday, August 11, 2011

22 weeks

22 week bump

My pregnancy is still going great. Desmond is very active. I wouldn't be surprised if he becomes a soccer player. My belly button has popped out this week. David thinks it's cute, me... not so much. It never popped out during my 1st pregnancy, so I find it funny it's out at 22 weeks. No stretch marks...yet, thankfully... knock on wood.

Lately, I have been preoccupied with the design of Ava and Desmond's shared bedroom. I want it to be perfect for the both of them, nothing too girlie nor too boyish. I like the simple, clean look. These are some ideas of what I'm hoping to do.

I adore the bright blue crib, the retro chair, not to mention utilizing the corners.
Ooh, and the ikea lamp is super cute!

Paper Baby Origami Mobile. I will be making this, except in blue and white.

Serena & Lily Spring Green Florentine Crib Sheet by Poshtot.

Starfish wall stencils or crabs?
Both are charming! Ava's bedroom is currently a bright pink with green alligators painted on the wall. I'm even tempted to keep that theme but change the color of the walls to either a light blue or a bright Tiffany's blue. I can't wait for the decorating to begin. I will continue to keep everyone updated with pictures:)

Thanks for reading!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Don't Be Koi

My greatest work of art standing next to my painting.

On Sunday, I got to finally paint the koi fish pond that I have always wanted to hang in our living room. It took almost a full day to complete but it was totally worth it. The fish are symbolic of our family. The biggest fish being David, than myself on the opposite side, Ava being the bigger of the two small fish and Desmond as the baby fish. When Ava woke the next morning and saw my painting her exact words were, "That's cool mommy!" It was the best compliment I have ever received because A.) she is my daughter and I love her to pieces and B.) she is so brutally honest. She will always tell me the truth and she has many times about my cooking....believe me.

This is David and my favorite hobby to do together. He is an amazing abstract artist. Together our art hangs on our walls and it's a nice little reminder of our time spent together. When I look at a particular painting I can remember the fun times we had while creating it. It's like looking at a photograph of us and seeing memory that no one can see but us. It's something so special that I will treasure forever.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Reason #207 Why I Love My Husband

Last night, David serenaded me to this song.

He knows how to woo me:)