Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Later Gator

It was sad to say goodbye to these alligators but I have big plans for our kids 
shared bedroom. We decided to paint the walls Tiffany's blue, which I think the
 color screams girl yet it is still fitting for a boy too.

 I couldn't bare to post a picture of Monsieur AndrĂ© the Alligator being
 painted over. I would rather remember him like this.

My daughter loves the color but asked me where her alligators
 went. I told her they were now swimming under the water. She liked
 my answer because she tells everyone who comes over that her alligators are
 swimming. I decided that I will paint her alligators on a canvas for wall art.
 I think it will be a nice transition from the old room to the new room by 
incorporating the alligators.

I'm currently working on the mural for the bedroom and I feel like 
I might have bitten off more than I could chew. I tend to be a bit ambitious with 
projects and now that I'm in my 3rd trimester I feel like I'm losing motivation and
 energy. Originally, I would have liked to paint all four walls but I now I'm thinking
 one will be enough, at least for now. Who knows, maybe once my nesting comes
 in full strength, I might be able to complete the room. Let's hope that's the case:)

I will continue to post pictures of the room
 in the future so stay tuned kids!
Thanks for reading. 

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