Thursday, July 28, 2011

20 weeks!

My night was rough, didn't catch a wink of sleep. Neither did Desmond, he was up all night kicking and moving all over the place. David finally got to feel him kick. I woke him up and put his hand on my tummy and he felt him. He was happy, then fell back asleep and left me to battle my insomnia. When the sun was starting to peek through the blinds, that's when I fell asleep but it wasn't for long.

This morning, woke Ava up and fed her breakfast. We were meeting Mimi at the theater for a free kids movie. We saw Yogi Bear but Ava didn't like it. She said she liked Winnie the Pooh better and I couldn't agree more with her. My little movie critic, her daddy will be so proud. So we ended up walking out half way through the movie. After leaving, Ava wanted to go to her Mimi's house to play. That left me some quiet time, which I don't get often but relish when I can get it. I decided to take a swim, get some exercise and some sun. It was so wonderful to relax and enjoy this beautiful weather. Then we came home and took a nice nap, something I needed since I didn't sleep the night before. After the refreshing nap we joined Jeff and Marcella to Clematis, where Ava could play in the fountains. It's so much fun watching her face light up with joy. She loves being around other little kids and she is quite the water baby.

Now, it's time for me to get into my cozy bed and read my book. Goodnight world

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