Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ring My Neck!

The Lovebird is a 18" adjustable link style chain with secure heart clasps to display your ring in a fabulous way! The Lovebird has the smallest opening of 1.5mm for your ring to fit through. Take a peek at what else they have, here.

During pregnancy, emotions are one thing that you are sure to have no shortage of. Oftentimes, this means feeling a stronger connection to your partner, and a renewed sense of love for the person who helped you create that growing little blessing in your belly. Unfortunately, during pregnancy you will likely find that more than just your heart starts to swell.

If you find yourself disappointed that you can no longer squeeze your rings onto your newly plump fingers, no need to despair! Just try wearing your rings a little closer to your heart instead. Available in three fashionable styles, these specially designed necklaces will keep your special ring securely on display, no matter how much your ring size fluctuates over the next nine months. In fact, you might find yourself loving the look of these necklaces so much that you'll carry on this trend postpartum, too!

This pregnancy I will be prepared!

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