Thursday, July 14, 2011

We are having a BOY!

Can you believe it!? I'm having a B-O-Y! My husband and I can't shake these silly grins off of our faces nor do we want to. His name is Desmond Scott. It's a name we had picked out during our 1st pregnancy. Desmond is a scottish/irish name and being that I'm scottish, makes me love it even more. Scott is David's middle name and he has always wanted pass the name down to his son. We couldn't have chosen a more perfect name!

During the ultrasound he was moving around like crazy, would NOT stay still...which probably means I'm in trouble with this one. When it came time for the technician to reveal the gender, Dave was the one to spot it first and shouted with sheer joy, "IT'S A BOY!!!

I was actually worried before we had the ultrasound that he wouldn't open his legs and would be shy but WOW…I was wrong! From the moment the ultrasound went on my belly it was nothing but weenie! Well, weenie and knees! I guess he isn't a shy guy. Hahaha

After the appointment we called up our close friends and family to tell them about our little man. There are certain times in life where it is just so much fun to hear people’s reactions to your news and this is one of them. I loved how my girlfriends reacted, lots high pitched squeals of joy. My daughter was happy to hear she was going to have a little brother. She has always said that mommy was having a boy and boy was she right!

So now begins the fun part of preparing for Desmond. I'm so excited for us to be parents to this little boy!!!

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