Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bippity Boppity Belly!

To my amazement, it seems like the belly fairy has blessed me over night. Though my belly still looks more like a frat boys belly than an adorable precious baby bump. I have started the transition into some of my maternity clothes now. For those who don't know, maternity clothes are not the most flattering thing ever. Actually, most of maternity clothes are hideous. I have been to maternity stores over the past couple of weeks, found a couple cute dresses and outfits but you have to be thrifty since those clothes cost more than a down payment for a new house. Now starts the exciting new journey of dressing my ever expanding body.

As for my cravings, they very similar to the cravings I experienced with my daughter, Ava. I crave lemons, salsa and chips, spicy peppers, basically salty and sour foods. Only thing different I crave now is pickles. PICKLES!?! I have always hated pickles and now I cannot live without them. I have to have my pickle fix or I start jonesing and I'm not a nice person to be around when I am experiencing my pickle withdrawals. I thought it was an old wives tale, that pregnant women craved pickles. Well, this pregnant woman loves her pickles and I will stab the hand that comes any where near them.

Here is another symptom I have experienced with both pregnancies, EXTREMELY vivid dreams. Most of the dreams I have are beyond disturbing. Case and point, I have dreams...ahem...nightmares of my ex boyfriends. My dreams are so vivid, I think that they actually happened in real life. I'm keeping a dream log, it's something I wish I did when I was pregnant with Ava.

I really think that I am having another girl because both of my pregnancies are so eerily a like. No morning sickness, vivid dreams, the same food cravings. Whatever the gender of Baby #2 is, we will be over the moon, ecstatically happy. We have the names picked out for our boy or girl and let me just state, they are perfect! My husband and I take much pride in picking our future children's names out. In fact, we have all 8 of our future hypothetical children's names picked out. Yeah, we're an odd couple but we are perfect for each other.

I guess this is the end of my rant for this post. Until the next one....

Happy End of the World Day!

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